Turn Your Pluses Into Minuses
June 26, 2016
Your Personal Brand
June 26, 2016

Getting In – The Book

How hard could it be to get into a top college if you have the grades, the test scores and the tuition?

The short answer is: it’s harder than you think. The longer answer is that it is so hard that a student’s chances, with perfect grades and test scores and a half million dollars in tuition funding, has at best a one in a thousand chance of being admitted to a top ten school. The average acceptance rate for a top ten Tier 1 school is about 8%. On average, there are nearly 40,000 applicants for spots in each of these elite institutions, but only room for a thousand or so first-year students. It’s not just hard; it’s damn near impossible to GET IN.

A strong “personal brand” has become a prerequisite credential for a competitive college application. As the pool of viable applicants rises each year, it is often the personal brand that provides the unique insight allowing one student stand out from all the rest.  For twenty-six years, Rick Singer has led the field in admissions coaching. He’s managed to shift the odds for many students as a leader in college counseling. Just look at the numbers: 90% of the students he coaches get into a Tier 1 school while 95% find acceptance at a top Tier 2 school.

Getting In by Rick Singer, details the 50 top secrets to successfully getting into the college of your dreams!